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5.BSL Series actuator
5.BSL Series actuator
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Use and Features

BSLseries pneumatic long distance actuators is powered by compressed air,accepting a regulating unit or given 4~20mA DC signal or 0.02-0.1 MPa airpressure signal. The input signal is changed to the corresponding displacement,resulting in proportional adjustment and quick open/off two type action toregulate damper, baffles, valves, etc. It is one of important parts in theautomatic regulating system, widely used in electric power, petroleum,chemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding, textile and other industrial sectors. Thisproduct are of simple structure, easy maintenance, low cost, long life, easyadjustment, output large torque.

Main performance and technical parameters

1. Input signal: 4-20mADCElectric signal;
                          0.02-0.1MPaPneumatic signal;
                          Binary signals
2. Power Supply: 220±10%VAC
3. Output angle: 0-90°
4. Air pressure: 0.35-0.8MPa
5. Basic error: ≤±1.5%
6. Deviation: <1%
7. Deadline: <0.6%
8. Static gas consumption: 1500L/h
9. Environmental temperature: -25~+60℃
10. Environmental relative humidity:≤95%
11. Light travel time: pls see Sheet 1
12. Cylinder diameter and stroke: pls see Sheet 1


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