Qualification Certification

1. Quality Monitoring and Authentication

The ISO9001 quality certification

CE security certificate awarded by EU appointed Britain certificate authority

The technical director bureau issue the standard certificate of the product performance

The examination report of the organization product of the quality technical director

The explosion-proof certificate

Bell Brand Trade Mark Registered Certificate

Bell Brand Trade Mark Registered Certificate

Jinbo Brand Trade Mark Registered Certificat

2. Product and Service Feedback report of the customer satisfaction

Tongchuan power station of China Huaneng Power Company use report

Nanning Zhengda building materials limited company gratitude letter

No.1 iron plant of Ma Steel Group use report


The Qualified Supplier Certificate Issued by Beijing Capital Iron & Steel Group

3. China government organ gives honors

China AAA levelcredit enterprise certificate

Tianjin Enterprises Association Member

High technology enterprise certificate issued bythe Tianjin Science and Technology Commission

China quality assurance certificate

China famous brand certificate

4、The companyOther honors


       we are invited to attend nationgal high  national leaders inspect our products at site

      quality project award-giving metting       highly praised theadvanced performance


            we attend many professional exhibition all over the word every year

5Our company is listed successfully on the stock exchange on June 30th, 2016.

Chen Yan, director of Tianjin municipal government and our chairman Xia Xiaoli hit the gong together and witness the moment when our company has been listed successfully on the stock exchange

Director Chen Yan and our principal leaders witness the success of company being listed on the stock exchange


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