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5000N High Force Automatic Lifting Door,Industrial, Solar Tracker Electric Linear Actuator
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Product Details
Stroke:50~1000mmSpeed:5~50 Mm/s
Protection Class:IP54 Or IP65Working Frequency:20% Or 10% High Efficiency
Working Temperature:-20 ~ +65℃

5000N High Force Automatic Lifting Door Electric Linear Actuator


The Linear actuator is a device that converts the rotational motion of a low voltage DC motor into linear motion. that is push and pull movements.

The electric linear actuator consists of a motor, a gear and a spindle including a nut.

It can replace the hydraulic, pneumatic and other traditional mechanical push and pull products,used in aircraft, ship, car or other products.

A complete automatic control system solution includes one or more linear actuators and control box

Main Parameters:

•Max load 5000N
•Duty cycle 20%(High-speed linear 10%)

•Operating temperature -20°C~+65°C
•Aluminium outer tube and stroke rod
•Protection IP54 or IP65
•12 or 24 or 36 or 48VDC

•Aluminium alloy housing
•Preset limit switches
•Powder metal gears


Installation Size:

Performance Datas:


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