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Capillary Tube Mat
Capillary Tube Mat
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Capillary Tube Mat


Capillary Tube Mat is a kind of terminal material which applied in building heating and cooling. It made of

Polymer polypropylene PPR, with the advantages of long service life and recycled recycling. Its production

and application technology is in a leading international level in the field of building energy efficiency.

Capillary tube mats are used mainly in radiation systems like cooling & heating ceilings in property

construction, convective cooling shafts and cooler columns, as flooring and wall systems for heating and

cooling in living houses(primarily single-family homes) as well as ground collectors in conjunction with

heat pumps.

Technical Specifications:


Capillary Tube Mat



Main tube size


Capillary tube size


Capillary tube space

10mm, 20mm, 40mm, Z20mm, Z40mm

Length (L

600mm~ 12000mm


480mm, 500mm, 550mm, 1000mm


290~870 g/m2

Water volume

0.16~0.57 l/ m2

Fully water volume

320~1440 g/m2

Connection method

both sides hot melt welding

same one side welding.

Working pressure

4 bar

Installation Detail:

Usage: ground mounted, wall mounted, ceiling mounted, energy harvesting, cooling module, gypsum

board installation

Suggestion: When summer cooling:capillary network is best installed on the roof and walls.

When winter for heating: a variety of installation is advisable: ground, wall, ceiling.


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